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Elena Berri

Grace, versatility, willpower and personality

When I met Elena I found her classy and attractive, of course, but most of all with a certain “something” that was making her standing out. I’ve quickly understood it was the charm of a beauty made of different aspects: grace, versatility, willpower and personality. A woman that still appreciates the importance of dressing appropriate in every occasion. Elena, the perfect Ambassador for my brand!
   Bruna Besso Pianetto

Elena Berri
Born and raised in Torino she has an International Education due to her passion for travels, curiosity for different cultures and studies in Business Management in Paris and Geneva, where she’s presently living with her soulmate, the F1 racing driver Esteban Ocon.
Finance is actually her “dreamed” job: sharing ideas, making strategic decisions and solving problems fit perfectly with her temperament and personality. This analytical aspect of Elena is very well balanced by a great creativity she mainly express in her passion for Fashion and Cuisine.

If cooking is a type of behavioral therapy, much like music, to discharge some stress, Fashion and modeling for Elena are a way of life , an essential point of her aesthetic identity. With her personal, elegant “allure” able to inspire indifferently irresistible attraction and nostalgic energies, Elena has the rare capacity of connecting with people pushing through the photographs. She perfectly represents the kind of modern, cosmopolitan woman, romantic and gritty at same time, who does not want to give up on style.

Elena, the ideal woman inspiring Bruna Couture’s Creations,
   The personal style in a Signature dress.