Italian Haute Couture between Glorious Past
and Brilliant Future


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A young brand by a glorious heritage

Bruna Couture is a young yet prestigious Haute Couture Brand representing the Regione Piemonte's great tailoring heritage in the Italian Fashion panorama.
Specializing in Galà, Long Formal Evening Gowns, Bridal and Wedding dresses, Bruna Couture has expanded also the “Around All Day Time” production, to satisfy the taste of the Contemporary Woman who like to be glamorous in each occasion.

The Creations all show same special Piedmontese rigour for the “well made”, a taste for timeles elegance heavenly crafted and a totally artisanal tradition. All dresses are made only of exquisite Italian fabrics, sometimes unusual sewn with extreme attention to details, rare needlework and hand-executed techniques.  [see more]

In Bruna’s Collections you can easily understand her Fashion Vision, inspired by 1950 years fashion, the one matching a modern aristocratic elegance to a special taste for innovation and contemporary moods.

Conservatism and modern Glamour at same time is my alchemy for celebrating an unexpected Couture Style in the age of the Fast Fashion".
Bruna Besso Pianetto.

 Gala: channel you inner celebrity
 Bridal: for a captivating aura
 Wedding Guest: to celebrate in style a lovely couple
 Cocktail and Evening: glamorous for a party or night to remember
 Around All Day Time: a vintage appeal for a modern lifestyle

Bruna Couture desire is to connect with a woman who still appreciate the value and the privilege of feeling special and expressing her personality with a “for me only” dress.
However, in order to answer to changes in Fashion Industry, small Collections of maximum 15 pieces are also available, always maintaining unique style and elegance.