Italian Haute Couture between Glorious Past
and Brilliant Future


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Salone Dupratus – Palazzo Vacca

The Showroom and annex Atelier is a little jem of art in a place of art within a town of art: Saluzzo, the ancient capital of a glorious Marquisate during the Middle Age. All around speaks of a refined Court, Medieval Chivalry and courtly Love with artistic heroes of the past that continue to inspire us contemporary Artisans.

The Showroom is where you can lost yourself in Bruna’s exclusive creations, all made in unique pieces. The ceiling’s frescoes and decorations are the perfect frame to a world of dresses made in silk, taffetà, shantung, silk organza, to name some of Bruna’s favorite fabrics. This is also the place for “a tea in Atelier” events or private defilè as Haute Couture is also a matter or creative relationship, interaction, knowledge, empathy and time spent together.

The atelier is where ideas take a shape: is an heart of pure craftmanship and polycromy. In this space of fabrics, scissors, ruler and sewing machines is where Bruna still do rare finishing like:
- Perfect handworked buttonholes
- Hand sewn Swarovsky
- Clothing’s linings in silk or silk blend
- Couture embellishment, beading and embroidery.

Details show the difference: an Haute Couture garment must be well finished and stylish even in the most hidden parts and this is a work that only most skilled artisans can do.
Bruna Besso Pianetto